Racism is very different today than in the 1930’s. In class we read the book To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. This book took place in the 1930’s in which almost everyone was racist against blacks. It was considered odd if you treated a black person the same as you would treat a white person. I truly believe we have came a long way with civil rights, but we can still go farther. Even though it may seem nobody is racist, racism is still out in the world today. I think if Harper Lee looked at today she would be impressed to see how far we’ve come but she would tell us to keep coming until nobody racism is out of the world. The other day I was looking at a ESPN and they were talking about racism and sports and showing how we have come along. If you look at basketball for instance, years ago there were hardly any African Americans in the pro and college level, but today it is almost all African Americans. I think for our time we are doing fairly well, but we still need to work on it.

My Earliest Memory of School

My earliest memory of school was when I was at preschool. I went to Beth El and I have many memories from the school. Beth El was a Jewish school and I remember hearing a little Hebrew, and I also remember lighting the candles of Hanukkah. I also remember at lunch they would make you eat everything on your plate, and for doing so you would get dessert. Well I would always want dessert, but many of the days they would have peas as a side, and I hate peas. You see, when I was a kid I was very picky, and my teacher would always try to get me to eat peas, but I just wouldn’t. Eventually she had my mom come in and talk me into eating a pea, and I spat it out right away. Another memory I have from Beth El was I learned to snap my fingers there. I learned because there were older kids who would go to the bathroom the same time my class would, and they all could snap their fingers. This made me want to do it, and the first day I tried snapping my fingers, I did it. My favorite memory from the school was recces. Recces was a fantastic half an hour. We rode tricycles, raced, and pretty much ran all over this one huge room. There was a insane number of kids running around at recess and it was always fun. One last thing I remember from the school was getting spooked by someone because they were talking about the basement of the school being haunted. Those are my earliest memory of school.

Robot Teacher

Saya is a remote controlled humanoid robot teacher in a Tokyo Classroom. I feel like this would be really awkward because how can a robot answer questions, keep order in a classroom, and teach as well as real teachers. Also if kids grow up with robots, who knows how it might affect them when they are older. Also one thing that real teachers are great at is maybe helping a kid on a computer or helping them do something, and how could a robot do that? I think we would be better off not being taught by a robot.

Armed and Underage

This article is about children being sent into wars, packing heat, and not having a choice. Kids in all of these countries are born into it and they can’t do anything about it. Many countries believe that children are perfect soldiers because they don’t complain and don’t expected to be paid. This is terrible though because if the government takes them and tells them they have to work for them now, the children can’t just say no, they have to do it. There is at least 12 countries that have many children in there front lines,  for carrying guns around. This needs to stop, so the next generation will be normal, and live normal lives.

Why we live in Zionsville

My family chose to live in Zionsville, and that is where my brothers and sister have grown up. Both my parents grew up in Indiana, but neither in Zionsville. When they were looking for a place to live they thought Zionsville was a great community to live in. My dad once got a job offer that would take us to a different state, but since all of the ushad already had many friends, he did not take it. I believe this is a great environment, and easy for my dad to get to work, and my mom when she gets her job.

Are People basically good?

To me all people have good and bad in them. Nobody is perfect and everyone will make mistakes. Some people are good more than others but sometime in there life the bad in them comes out a little bit. Now this question could have many answers but that is my answer, so feel free to comment and leave your opinion.

The Giver

                           SPOILER ALERT

     We have been reading the Giver in Language Arts. For class today we have to write a blog about one of the questions she put up.  An advantage of Sameness in the community is that nobody is every hungry, or gets made fun of because they wear weird colored clothes. Another advantage is that there is not really any worry in the community, there is no planes flying over, and nobody goes to war with the community. However, there is a few disadvantages of having Sameness. One is that nobody is very different, everyone has the same colored eyes, hair, and even skin. I also think that nobody can ever truly experience new things, if there is no snow, or sunlight. I truly that that I wouldn’t last very long in this community that is supposed to be perfect. Sometimes I think that when trying to make things better all they do is make it worse. It goes with video games, sometimes I like to play the old games because they are much better.  So after writing this I see that the community is better off not having sameness. Sorry if I spoiled this book but if you still want to read it, it is an alright book.

About Me

I am a student at Zionsville Middle School, and I made a blog last year. I have gotten a whole lot better at blogging since last year. For class we are associating this blog in for many things. I just hope that throughout the year, I make many blogs.