The Giver

                           SPOILER ALERT

     We have been reading the Giver in Language Arts. For class today we have to write a blog about one of the questions she put up.  An advantage of Sameness in the community is that nobody is every hungry, or gets made fun of because they wear weird colored clothes. Another advantage is that there is not really any worry in the community, there is no planes flying over, and nobody goes to war with the community. However, there is a few disadvantages of having Sameness. One is that nobody is very different, everyone has the same colored eyes, hair, and even skin. I also think that nobody can ever truly experience new things, if there is no snow, or sunlight. I truly that that I wouldn’t last very long in this community that is supposed to be perfect. Sometimes I think that when trying to make things better all they do is make it worse. It goes with video games, sometimes I like to play the old games because they are much better.  So after writing this I see that the community is better off not having sameness. Sorry if I spoiled this book but if you still want to read it, it is an alright book.

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